Transportation Services for Hotels and Resorts in Naples

hotels-resortsOcean Line Transportation Inc. of Naples provides far much more than typical transportation services for Hotels and Resorts. We offer exclusive and non-exclusive, full service transportation services programs, which include airport transportation services, destination transportation services, shopping or night out limo services excursions, and valet parking services options (see Valet Parking Services-"Add Value Program"). We will also sponsor your Naples Hotel or Resort as one of our "recommended providers", where your venue will appear on the main page of our site for a limited period of time. Our "recommended providers" section is provided free of charge, unless specific agreements for extended advertising are made. Ocean Line Transportation Inc. will work with your hotel and resort staff, as well as the marketing team to establish as many avenues of business with which we can work together. Ocean Line Transportation Inc. also has an established Membership program, and we would be glad to fit you into our programs.


City to City Transportation Services in Naples

city-to-cityIt’s amazing that there are so many people in Naples who have no clue that it is not uncommon for limo services to offer their clients city to city transportation services. For the most part, a lot of people assume that they need to make their ways to the nearest train or bus stations to travel to another city. City to city transportation services in Naples are rather abundant however; most limo services offering this only have a few styles of vehicles from which to choose. The typical executive sedan or SUV might work out nicely for a very small number of people, but when there is a family going to their reunion, or a group going to experience the wonders that Orlando has to offer, a larger mode of transportation is necessary. Naples’ Ocean Line Transportation Inc. offers a full fleet of vehicles for city to city transportation services, including super stretch limos, mini coach buses and motor coach buses.


Security Services in Naples for Celebrities

security-servicesThere are loads of celebrities that not only live in Naples, but also those who visit this beautiful area. Although Naples certainly is not known as a city with a high rate of crime, most celebrities still require limo services that include security services. This is especially true for those who are very popular and well-known to the general public. Few celebrities want the limo services driver to open the door, only to be flocked by a bunch of Naples residents and visitors. While it is nice to be recognized, sometimes it can be nicer to be able to move around at will without the fanfare. Hiring a Naples limo services company that also provides security services is essential for a celebrity to enjoy his or her stay in SW FL. At Ocean Line Transportation Inc., we offer complete transportation services and work closely with our security affiliate to ensure the safety and privacy of celebrities.


Transportation Services for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties in Naples

bachelor-bachelorettePlanning a wedding in Naples can be very exciting however; it can be brutally stressful as well. With all of the plans that need to be made, it’s nice to finally relax once they have all been completed and set. This is the time that the best man, or maid of honor needs to step up to the plate and make plans for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Years ago, people in Naples used to show up to these types of parties in their own personal vehicles. This can be problematic, as it’s rare for everyone to actually get to the venue at the same time. Nobody will want to miss out on any of the fun, so hiring a transportation services company in Naples makes good sense. Ocean Line Transportation Inc. offers great discount packages when both the bachelor and bachelorette parties’ limo services are booked together.


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