Naples Limo Services for Proms and Dances

proms-dancesGoing to prom in Naples is one of the big milestones in a young adult’s life. The girl spends weeks trying to find the perfect prom dress, deciding on the right hairstyle and makeup, and selecting just the right shoes. Even choosing a boutonniere takes a fair amount of time. It’s much easier with boys as renting a tux in Naples and picking up a pair of dress shoes is pretty easy. Generally, the boy’s mother selects his date’s corsage. With all of that careful planning going on, many people tend to forget about plans for transportation services. This is something that must be addressed. Let’s face it! Kids can act erratically when they are out having a good time. By hiring a Naples transportation services company, your children will be safer. Ocean Line Transportation Inc. is dedicated to the safety of young adults during prom season in Naples.


Naples Limo Services for Concerts

concertsSouthwest FL offers a host of wonderful venues for the arts. Whether you want to see off Broadway theatre, a rock and roll concert, the opera or a comedy show, there is a venue in SW FL that steps up to the plate and delivers. Regardless of the wonderful concerts and arts available, parking at the concert venues is always a big problem. Naturally, there are a vast number of spaces, but the ones up front are always taken. This leaves people parking way back in the lots, and putting them in danger after the concert ends late at night. Let’s face it! Walking through a dark parking lot isn’t the safest thing, and if you make it to the parking space safely, one would have to hope that the vehicle is still there. It’s wiser to contact a transportation services company for limo services in Naples, than to leave your car unattended in the concert venue’s parking area. Ocean Line Transportation Inc. offers top of the line limo services in Naples for those attending concerts.


Naples Limo Services for Sporting Events

sporting-eventsThe good people of Naples are very much into the sporting events that are held in Florida. Many are even gung ho about going to see the spring training games for the Boston Red Sox and the Minnesota Twins. Of course, there are a great many Miami Marlins, Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins and college team fans in Naples. No matter how enthusiastic the fans are, nearly all dread the thought of driving to and from their favorite teams’ games. The traffic is brutal, but dealing with finding parking is like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is a nearly impossible feat unless they walk from the very ends of the parking facilities. Nobody wants to do that to get into the facility, and especially getting back to their cars to go home. Hiring a Naples Limo Service for sporting events will eliminate the crazy parking issues. The experienced limo drivers at Ocean Line Transportation Inc. will drop his passengers off at the door to the venue, and pick them up there when the game is over.


Naples Transportation Services for Shopping

shopping-spa-dayFor many people living in or visiting Naples, shopping is certainly a favorite way to spend their days. After all, there are some really incredible boutiques and shops speckled amidst the bistros and restaurants on 5th Avenue. Some of these upscale boutiques are treasure troves in and of themselves. Shopping in Naples is certainly a fun thing however; finding parking near 5th Avenue is nearly impossible to do. Of course, there are parking areas in the area, but walking back and forth to the car to store your finds can be a real pain in the neck. A day of shopping in Naples is much more pleasant when a luxury transportation services company is hired to help. The professional transportation drivers at Ocean Line Transportation Inc. will be happy to do all that they can to make your shopping trip in Naples as pleasant as possible.


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