Night Out Transportation Services in Naples

night-outEverybody needs a night out every once in a while. Let’s face it! Most people in Naples’ jobs are stressful and once home from work, many do need to cook dinner, care for kids and handle household chores. Then they go to sleep and wake up the next morning to do it all over again. A night on the town just might help to relieve the stress you deal with on a daily basis. These days, going to a restaurant and having a drink with dinner can be dangerous. Even having a few cocktails can cost a driver his license, and a whole lot of money in fines. Of course, there is always the possibility of spending some time in the county jail with a DUI arrest. These troubles can be avoided by hiring a transportation services company in Naples. Ocean Line Transportation Inc. offers a complete line of luxury vehicles for your special night out in beautiful Naples.


Cruise Ship Transfers for Naples Travelers

cruise-ship-transfersIt seems that more and more Naples residents are opting to take their vacations on cruise ships, as opposed to flying to their desired destinations. It makes perfect sense, considering the cost of airline flights keep increasing, and the amenities are decreasing. The cost for checking in the luggage needed for a holiday can be absolutely astronomical! Cruise ships these days offer all inclusive packages, making them much more cost effective than flying. The only problem is that many Naples transportation services companies only do airport transfers. They don’t provide cruise ship transfers for Naples travelers. Finding an actual cruise ship transfers company that offers full service transportation to popular ports of departure can prove to be difficult, and time consuming. Ocean Line Transportation Inc. provides Naples travelers with cruise ship transfers throughout the state of Florida.


Airport Transfers for RSW

airport-transferThere are loads of limo services companies offering airport transfers for RSW (Southwest Regional) airport. Unfortunately, many of those so called “luxury transportation” services companies have nothing to offer other than executive sedans or SUVs. This is more than enough for a couple of people traveling from Naples to RSW however; families or large groups require bigger vehicles such as Sprinter vans, stretch limos, mini coach buses or motor coach buses. Besides, traveling generally means a fair amount of luggage for each passenger, so additional space is definitely needed. Considering the price of gas and need for better fuel economy, many people in Naples simply couldn’t fit their families and luggage into their cars to go to the airport. It’s a better idea to hire a Naples transportation services company for airport transfers for RSW in Fort Myers. Ocean Line Transportation Inc. offers a full fleet of vehicles for RSW airport transfers.


Group Transportations Services in Naples

groups-transportationIt can be quite a daunting task when someone needs to find a limo services company that offers reliable group transportation services in Naples. In all honesty, there are loads of “limo services” companies in Naples however; few of them have more than a couple of executive sedans or SUVs. That’s really not an actual transportation services company. It’s more like a high end taxi cab service. When group transportation services are needed, most people think of large motor coach buses, mini coach buses and even Sprinter vans or stretch limos. They don’t consider executive sedans and SUVs as a means for group transportation in Naples or South or Central Florida. These are indeed nice vehicles, but certainly cannot transport large groups of people. Clients need bigger and better transportation services vehicles for large groups. At Ocean Line Transportation Inc., there are a wide variety of vehicles that will comfortably transport as many people as necessary to Naples, South and Central Florida.


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